The Miracle – Learning to Let Go of Control

I am always amazed at the timing of lessons that I learn through the Spirit. Sometimes it seems like the heavens are sealed. At those times, it seems that there is no hope of possibly receiving revelation. Just when I feel like I have all but been forgotten, my Heavenly Father reaches me in a way that is completely unmistakable. I had one of those moments a couple weeks ago while helping the Primary children prepare for their annual program.

I was put in the Primary as a teacher during the summer this year. Each week leading up to the program, we would sing “Miracle”. Every time I sang that song, I started to cry. I couldn’t make it through the song without choking up at least once. Here are the words to the song:

Jesus walked upon the water.
He stilled the storm and calmed the angry sea.
With His hands He healed the leper.
He made the lame to walk, the blind to see.
He fed a thousand people with a loaf or two of bread.
And when the ruler’s daughter died,
He raised her from the dead.

Jesus is a God of miracles;
Nothing is at all impossible to Him.
But I know this:
Of all His miracles, the most incredible must be
The miracle that rescues me!

Jesus bled and died to save me
A price that I could never pay alone.
When He rose again, He gave me
The greatest gift the world has ever known!
Yes, I can be forgiven every time that I repent,
And someday He will lift me up to live with Him again.

Jesus is a God of miracles;
Nothing is at all impossible to Him.
But I know this:
Of all His miracles the most incredible must be
The miracle that rescues me,

The miracle that rescues you and me!

My Heavenly Father knows me so well that He knows I listen to the words of songs. Often, when I feel the Spirit speaking to me the most, it is done through music. This time was no different. During the second time through the chorus, I stopped to think about the line that says nothing is impossible to Him. How could that be when I am reminded daily of the fact that I have a life-threatening condition! If nothing is impossible to Him, why do I still have this condition? Why couldn’t He take it away from me?

Then the lesson came in an unmistakable, yet gentle and beautiful way. I thought about one of my favorite scriptures that says that Christ will take upon Himself our infirmities that He may know how to succor, or comfort, us (Alma 7:11-12). I cling to this scripture at times because it is one that has provided me peace and comfort in any trial that I am facing. It is comforting to me to know that, when nobody else could possibly understand exactly what I am going through, there is One who does. He knows exactly what I’m dealing with because He has experienced it firsthand. However, this was not the lesson I learned that Saturday morning. The lesson I learned came when I remembered that my Savior actually experienced my pain, and because of that pain, He knows me personally. The Spirit gently taught me that my Savior would not take the pain away because it is necessary to experience pain in this life. We cannot possibly expect to have a life free of any pain or conflict. Everyone has pains and struggles in this life and He knows each one of us and all of our trials, infirmities, disappointments, failures, etc. The key is that He is okay with it.

My Savior is okay with experiencing my daily pains. And, even though He is a God and has the capability to take this upon Himself and I am just a mortal being, struggling through each day, I can find comfort through Him as I learn to let Him take this from me. As I begin to truly trust Him and put my life in His hands no matter what I am going through at any moment, I can learn to be okay with anything that comes my way, knowing that He will not leave me comfortless. At times this is easier said than done. I also know that it is quite a process to truly put all of my trust in Him, but I know this: of all His miracles, the most incredible must be the miracle that rescues me; rescues me from so many pitfalls, heartaches, and pains. I believe that the miracle can happen daily as I use the gift of the Atonement, but also as a culmination of my life and that it is the same for each one of us. Our Savior is okay with experiencing all the hard things that we go through, no matter who we are. Because of this, we can each know that everything will work out. It may not be right away. It may not be exactly the way we want or expect. It may not work out until all is said and done and we have experienced what may seem like more than we can handle, but it will work out and we will be blessed perfectly because He knows exactly what we have gone through and knows how we felt because of each thing in our life. Because He knows us so well, He knows how to bless us in ways that not only compensate for the trials, but that bless us perfectly, with exactly what we need when the time is right. I believe this is the miracle that rescues you and me!

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  1. Beautifully written, beautifully learned lesson. Thank you for sharing your lessons. We are all learning from you and Taya. We love you.

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