Father’s Day

“What are we going to do about Father’s Day?” Owen and Levi have asked this several times over the past couple months. I always answered that we would figure it out when it got closer. It seems like these special occasion days come every couple of weeks. It is exhausting!

Owen requested that I get Father’s Day ornaments for the tree that is by where Greg was buried, and he kept checking up on me until I showed him that I had followed through. He also talked about making our own ornaments with pictures of Greg, but none of us were ambitious enough to make that happen.

I find that there are a lot of days that are hard for me and not the kids, but this is a day that is definitely harder for the kids than it is for me. The kids have been mentally preparing for this day to come for months. Each one is different. My older kids have more complicated feelings about things, and their wish was to ignore today. Father’s Day is hard for them for more than just the fact that their dad isn’t here anymore. But the little kids needed to acknowledge their dad and remember him today.

We decided on a mixture between acknowledging and ignoring the day. We decided to skip church today. The kids requested that we not go to church, and I thought that was a reasonable request. Instead, we went to the park and played on the playground, then to the cemetery to decorate Greg’s tree. From there we went on a hike to a reservoir. The day still isn’t over, but I think we will just spend the rest of the day at home.

It has been a fun day, and I think everyone’s needs were met. We have talked about Greg and laughed about some memories. We have also just enjoyed being together without making a big deal out of it. I hope the kids can look back at today with fondness. I know I will.

Fathers are so very important. The kids miss having Greg in their lives, and they definitely feel his absence on this day that is dedicated to fathers.

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