A Change of Direction

It has been a little while since we had a new post. We started this blog very spontaneously, and have always been uncertain of where it was going to go. It seems that we have a little more certainty now. Greg has found a new side business opportunity – 101 Financial. It is a very exciting opportunity, and he has been very busy with it. He has decided he will no longer be a contributor to Because We Have Today. 

This has left me wondering what to do with this blog! We started it as a way to tell our story together, so not having Greg contributing changes things up quite a bit. I have thought about all the options. Do I quit doing the blog? Maybe I could continue it along the same lines of telling our story with vEDS? Or maybe I could change it up and make it my own? After much thought and prayer, I have decided to make it mine.

I feel that for some reason it is important to tell my story (part of why this blog is in existence). Maybe it’s for me. Maybe it’s for someone else. I don’t really know why. Up to this point I haven’t been as real and vulnerable as I could be, and I plan to change that. This blog is going to be the real story with all of its ups and downs and in betweens. I am excited to continue talking about our journey as we deal with vEDS. I also am excited to add some variety to my posts as I talk about motherhood, faith, parenting special needs children, homeschooling, and other things I am involved and interested in.

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